Friday, February 24, 2012

You know what happens when something new enters your life? You try it on for size, see if it fits, test  your thoughts, dreams and values against the new things presence. You may pray about it.  I pray about new things releasing them to God and then listen to the quiet voice who speaks.    Sometimes that new thing becomes a permanent part of your life, and other times you discard it as an experiment gone bad.  It always seems wonderful when a new thing excites, inspires and motivates you.  But, in the final moment, you do make a choice. Is this who I am?  Is this who I want to be?

The black and white new things are easy.  The shades of gray make it much more difficult. So it goes sometimes new political campaigns, new relationships, new roles, new food, new TV shows, new music, new anything. Sometimes the new becomes a very real old thing that has a new skin and you are fooled into thinking it is a new and a better answer to your life challenges then the tried and true.  It is the rabbit speed overcoming the turtle's methodical continuous improvement. When the newness wears off, the plodding turtle succeeds when you see it is the same old nemesis from years before.   You may be tempted to tilt at a windmill or two but in reality, it is best to stay positive, welcome the challenge, develop some self discipline and maintain your integrity with faith that most people have honorable intentions.

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psw said...

Wonderful that you've started a blog Steve! I'll enjoy reading it. I know how much courage it takes to write one! :+0 Pam