Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My heart aches for the families and community in Newton, CT.  It is a tragedy that is so painful.  I find my self grieving much more in these times. This of course is so close to home that the pain exceeds my empathy for those who suffer around the world.  This can be a painful  reminder that death and destruction has been happening in the Middle East and elsewhere continuously for years.  We must not let this pain fail to teach us of the pain of others and carry it to all our action.  Peace on Earth and Good will to all.....  Every parent in Afghanistan whose innocent children or family members die from drone attacks, or others who have been victims of terrorism.  They feel the pain we all feel now. After our grieving when we all go back to our lives, and the pain becomes a distant memory, let us not forget those who suffer around the world.    
I pray that our human condition will be released from these destructive forces and the Peace of Christ will touch us all.