Thursday, March 15, 2012

God Is

God is mystery.  My faith empowers a confidence that is uplifting when I let go of trying to control my every action.  God is mystery, even when noble or righteous preachers tell us what God wants us to do, or what rules to live by or even who to vote for.  When a human being is so sure of their individual interpretation of God's will that they are willing to verbally attack those who might believe different, I get very concerned.  Sometimes I cannot argue with a particular interpretation. Sometimes the message clearly appears to be from God and after some prayer I know it in my heart. But will I act upon that by attaching another or joining a band wagon that attacks whole groups of people?  No, this is not what Jesus taught us. The battle is spiritual battle.  God does not take sides in politics, only by being present in the world, in our daily life, does the Grace of God influence our decisions, actions and discernment.  Be cautious, be wise, our decisions will make some things permanent in our society.  Some things need to be changed or reversed, other new approaches need to be instituted.  I pray that decisions from our discernment will not result in immediate gratification and long term eventual destruction, but rather Love and respect for our fellow humans.  Praise be to God Always