Monday, February 4, 2013

Moving Forward with Grace

Having a good day. I have been following up on some job leads, moving forward with a homeless youth project AND getting some exercise.  The new advent daily email posted a link to a superbowl commercial sponsored by Dodge Ram that brings to light the divine work of farmers.  Makes me want to buy a Dodge. LOL. more importantly it reminds me the importance of the work that farmers do. Sure we can get into a political argument about corporate farmers vs local farmers and organic farmers Vs thosed that use chemical fertilizer.  But that is the destroyer dividing us.  We are evolving our farming strategies and should not destroy the gains we have made in commercial farming. Yes we need to move towards more sustainable farming. But for now I just want to thank the farmers.


Friday, February 1, 2013

A wonderful video....

Former Employer posted losses

I was not surprised today when my google alert provided the following story. .  I believe Aetna will continue to have difficulties due to claim practices both in their health insurance and disability benefit markets.  When claims facts are on the fence they seem to always rule in favor of their pocket book, rather than to do the right thing and dig deeper into the facts of the claim. These quick decisions in a highly intense production environment bring significant errors.  This class action suit is one, but their LTD/STD market may see other similiar action as Employers and Employees begin to see their innovative claims practices at work. Fast is NOT always better.  I really tried to tell them but they decided my opinion was not a fit for their culture.  I understand employment at will but I believe they were misguided in their decision to terminate me. They may have violated the ADA with a wrongful termination. I have submitted this for review by the EEOC, we shall see.   I believe eventually there will be consequences for this innovation and it will show up in their profits and large employee turnover. The future of Aetna may be on shakey ground. But then what do I know.
If God is with me, who can be against me.