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Spiritual Resources

Spirituality is a personal issue. We must each find our own path and then stay true to it.

I was raised in the protestant tradition. I attended the First Presbytarian Church of Pitman as a child and teenager. In College I met and married a wonderful Lebanese Maronite women. I discovered Eastern Christianity which combined my Christian upbringing with eastern spirituality in a Monastic tradition. St Sharbel a Maronite Monk sets the tone and reverence of the Divine Liturgy.

In 1978, after a year of study with the local Maronite Priest, I converted and became a Maronite Catholic.

May God be with you (and me) in your (our) search for the source of life and truth. Ultimately I believe you will find God within you and within others who believe.

Once, having been asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, Jesus replied, "The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, `Here it is,' or `There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you." (Luke 17:20-21) This last line has also been interpreted as the "kingdom of God is within your midst".

You must discern for yourself which meaning rings true. For me the silence of prayer and regular attendance at the Maronite Divine Liturgy is the best way to discern this. Silent prayer is best practiced as Centering Prayer, as taught by Fr Thomas Keating and discussed in the Cloud of Unknowing.

Thank you Fr Keating and others in the Centering Prayer and contemplative network, my connection to you sustains my hope in the Lord, which is supported by unending Love provided to me from the Maronite faith and particularly the people of St Joseph Maronite Church in Waterville, Maine.

Peace Be with you.


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Recovery and Rehabilitation Perspective

Successful mental health recovery and rehabilitation is a process that has evolved to an individual recovery process or model. Individual responsibility is the key. Unless you make a conscious choice to move forward and recover, it will not happen. While there may still be a need for medication and medical treatment when biomedical imbalance exists or regular psychotherapy or counseling is necessary, this approach transcends the medical model with a significant paradigm shift. It adds a spirit dimension to the healing process. The spirit dimension adds the awareness that your spirit or consciousness exists beyond your ego and body. You accept where you are, be present in the moment and do what needs to be done. This is spiritual in that it relies on faith in something yet unseen. Some people choose to relate this to a higher power. Others consider it a function of the mind. In any event the belief must come from you. Recovery will not happen until this awakened spiritual consciousness is present.

I believe in YOU

Many mistake more traditional rehabilitation as occurring when the professional practitioner does something to the patient with the professional taking significant responsibility for success or failure. Was the therapy correct? Was the medication correct? Were the counseling sessions long enough? In the self directed recovery and rehabilitation process you take responsibility for your healing process with guidance of your rehabilitation counselor and support from other medical professionals you work with. Each contact between you and the counselor is a separate moment in time. The same process is utilized each time but the result is up to you. You decide the next constructive creative step from a list options in accordance with your vision for the future, your plan. The counselor empowers you to work your plan. The counselor encourages you to make conscious choice to move to a balance of function.

This model is based on a number of psychological theories. These include Carl Roger's Client Centered Theory, Albert Ellis Rational Emotive Theory, William Glaser's Reality Therapy and a touch of Victor Frankel from a Search for Meaning among many. It is an ecletic blend of these theorists and the individual counselors own centeredness. William Anthony is the prolific writer on this model. He is connected, among other institutions, with the Boston University, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Another great source for this movement is the
National Consensus Statement on Mental Health

Mental Health rehabilitation process is recovery. Recovery is an ongoing process that must start now, where you are at, where you believe the focus is. Then each choice moves you towards healthy behavior and activity. The recovery model empowers you to take an active role in the decisions or choices regarding your future. There are some limits to this where medication is necessary to control biochemical imbalance. However, to the extent it is possible each decision must be made by you with guidance and a clear understanding of probable consequences of those choices or decisions. This process evolves your awareness with individual dilemma, then choice, suffering and choice, and then some success comes. It does not take place in a single point of time but rather is an ongoing recovery process. The choices you make are personal. Professionals cannot make the choices for you but rather facilitate the exploration of all options. Sometimes this requires going outside the box, at least during the exploration stage. By outside the box I mean using a brainstorming and/or visualization to imagine the ideal. Let the body, mind and emotions feel that ideal in a thought and that vision can then become a goal. When goals are visualized and believed they can be achieved. The goal must come from your center in recovery. Professionals may suggest, encourage or even demand certain goals but the final choices must be left up to the individual. The only exception of this is when the choice will be harmful to the individual or any other human. Then the professional must intervene.

Finally, psychosocial rehabilitation is still evolving in its own definition. Each time you fail to reach a goal, but get up and going again there is progress. Each success brings new possibilities for healing. The final measure is the peace and balance you experience, the ease with which you live and make decisions and the love you have for your self and others.

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Hello, welcome to Stephen's Thoughts and Things a web page dedicated to an exploration in human cooperation for the greater good of humanity. This web site is work in progress. I have found enormous, inspiration and insight surfing the net since June of 1997 when I created this page. I believe the internet is a physical, or at least a metaphorical, manifestation of Carl G. Jung's collective unconscious. Which includes all the good and unfortunately the not so good of humanity's conscious and unconscious thought, values, behavior and spiritual awareness. We must discern the difference as we explore the internet and stay true to our creative source which supports and ecourages our life.

Human cooperation will increase when the bridge between traditional, conventional thinking and progressive thinking is strengthened. This melding includes practices regarding individual healing, community and economic development, spirituality and education. We are all humans on this earth. We each have individual needs and differing approaches to meeting those needs. Failing to work through these conflicting views in a collaborative and peaceful way can destroy community living. There seems to be a prejudicial gap among various groups that is keeping our communities from seeking this collaboration. In spite what some think these differing groups are not mutually exclusive. This is not an either or, black or white, kind of debate or discussion. Every individual has their own perspective. Promoting and expanding our differences causes more conflict and discord. We certainly must understand and respect our differences. But that is where it should end. We should pay attention to the concepts that bring us together. This page promotes a collaborative mission encouraging a democratic and ecumenical tolerance for people with different cultural, community, economic, religious and personal values. It supports and embraces all the common core values of being human.

Some of the common core values that we all strive for include an individual vision to live a peaceful and secure life filled with human cooperation, love and joy. And...gratitude for the goodness of life which helps maintain and nurture this view.

Another important part of living on earth is economic opportunity, people all over the world must have a reasonable way to make a living in the community they live. The source of this economic opportunity must be ethical and transparent. It must maintain human dignity. Only then will it sustain the individual, the community and the world.

We each must feel secure physically, economically, emotionally and spiritually. A significant part of this philosophy is that individuals take personal responsibility for the development of our local communities, workplaces and themselves. Working in your local community is a great start. Volunteer in your local community or place of work to make it a better place.

A great example of world cooperation is the hungersite.com, just one click helps feed the hungry worldwide. Another site is KIVA: Loans that Change Lives where individuals can invest in small businesses around the world.

Many individuals are also actively seeking individual healing and sustained health through various self directed activities such as prayer, meditation, good nutrition, life long learning, and regular exercise including stretching and/or yoga. The work of Andrew Weil and Bruce Lipton are good examples of personal health approaches that include a paradigm shift, which will help evolve health care and medical practice for the foreseeable future. I also have experienced wonderful benefits from centering prayer, it promotes an internal spiritual sustinence by triggering the relaxation response, adding an conscious intention and encouraging you to "just be" with your creator in silence and all that entails. This sacred time which represents the Alpha and Omega is unlike linear historical time. In that silence your intention to be with your creator becomes timeless. Don't worry about defining creation or where it comes from, "just be" with your source. Meaning will comes as you quiet yourself with the intent of being one with your source of life. It can transform one from being self centered to creation centered. It is also is called contemplative prayer.

My particular professional expertise and interest is in education, vocational rehabilitation and public administration from a moderate and Constitutional perspective. Continuous Improvement practices combined with focused life work are critical areas all humans must encourage, sustain and promote in them selves and others in order to live a full life. Individuals need however, to find balance in their lives by identifying the various internal and external systems (beliefs, people, organizations, etc.) that support their life, including work and learning then consciously strive to attend to these systems by doing what needs to be done. Avoid your feelings and get it done. A good strategy for keeping on task and not letting our feelings sidetrack us is by reviewing The Constructive Living Maxims by David Reynolds. These sayings, used as a thoughtful break from possible down sliding and/or overwhelming thoughts, will help you overcome the feelings and take your next step to achieving balance in your life, community and workplace.

This strategy can be used in governments, communities, families, work environments and each individual human. These concepts are universal and can be applied by any human being, community or workplace that is striving towards more balance and continuity with the environment they exist it. This awareness creates a paradigm shift, which occurs when this practice becomes part of everyday choices. It then moves each individual entity from an isolated self preservation perspective to a local and world community preservation perspective. We realize we are all connected in some way. We center ourself, then, when we cooperate with and attend to the systems that sustain and support our existence, individual, community and global balance is achieved because we each cooperate with multiple systems and ultimately the source of creation. These systems, including our own thrive. Community is born and sustained through individual focus and effort.

We must teach our children this gift. It starts with sound educational policies. Organizations that promote and attend to the needs of children are critical for the future of our world. It continues with local, state and national governments and in the work place.

We all want thriving workplaces, vibrant communities, and personal contentment. When all individuals and communities are thriving through cooperative efforts, we will each have found inner peace, and then will we truly be a healthy planet as the The Earth Charter envisions.

This is a worthwhile global goal for humanity. This page is dedicated to promoting human cooperation in daily community living and in the work environment. Promoting individual and global sustainability

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WE hurl belief at them
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"Take care of yourself by caring for humanity"

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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
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