Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I have been sick since Christmas. Sick and tired that is. Sick and tired because.... Wait a minute, that is pretty negative. Negativity feeds unreasonable comment and complaining. We all know how much fun it is to sit in a room, especially a waiting room, be it a doctors office, or car repair, or tax/accountant office when someone starts complaining to the room at large. Everyone gets embarrassed and quiet  Unless another complainer engages the conversation.  Then it spreads like a virus.  Whew.  Unfortunately our media is rampant with complaining, editorials, political attacks, he said, she said drama. We don't need more of that. So lets start again.

I had some challenges over the holidays which prevented me from functioning at my best. I did not get the time off from work because I did not put in for the vacation time early enough.  I usually spend the time between Christmas and New Year rejuvenating, meditating,  getting some exercise, visting friends and relatives.  This year I had to work.  What a pain.   I prayed for the strength to maintain my cool self, but on a few occasions I broke.  I got angry, I cried, I whined. What a mess. I need to make amends to all those who experienced my self pity and ridiculousness.  It was Christmas, the birth of the child Jesus, love and joy unto you.  But somehow I missed it. I completed a Novena last week and finally the veil has lifted.  I am beginning to feel myself again.  It is with a humble and contrite heart I say thank you to all my friends and relatives who noticed. Thank you for not mentioning my out of norm presentation or comments.  Most of all I thank God for staying with me.  PBTGA

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