Sunday, August 21, 2011

Recently I was interviewed on a college radio station at the University of Southern Maine as the first guest in a series called Talk of Faith.   The host asked  me  questions about my experience as a subdeacon in the Maronite Church. I spoke from the heart and hope that my comments were taken the way they were meant.    I enjoyed the interview and wanted to share. This interview was done as an individual who is just beginning to learn about how to be a disciple of Christ, in a Maronite way. For me it combines my interest in eastern thought related to both contemplation and personal responsibility with western opportunity to serve as a professional in my work, and a minister in the church. Pray for me.

here is the link!

you will need Quicktime to listen to this series.


Dr. F said...

Very nicely done Stephen! Listened all the way to the end. I tend to skip things that are not in print so that is a compliment!

Enjoyed meeting you in D.C. Sorry I could not stay for the retreat but look forward to the next time.

Steve Crate said...

Thanks Doc... enjoyed meeting you as well. Hope our paths cross again and wish you the best in your discernment. I also wanted to thank you for the information you gave me regarding other possibilities for my vision. It was very encouraging.